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About IPS Asia-Pacific

IPS Asia-Pacific (www.ipsnewsasia.net), with offices in Bangkok and Manila, is the regional non-profit foundation that is part of the IPS news network (www.ips.org), which since 1964 has focused on news and communication from the global South through its World Service (www.ipsnews.net).

IPS Asia-Pacific produces special features and develops and implements media development programmes that aim to give space to voices and views from within the region, including through training programmes and production of journalism and media publications and books. This is in line with its mission of providing diverse, alternative views to mainstream and Western media and contributing to the capacity-building of local journalists.

IPS Asia-Pacific receives funds from IPS International Association and raises regional resources for its media and communication projects from foundations, development institutions and other partners. Over the years, IPS Asia-Pacific’s partners have included the International Development Research Center (IDRC), Rockefeller Foundation, Asian Development Bank, Oxfam America (East Asia), Japan Foundation, Sasakawa Peace Foundation, ILO, UNICEF East Asia and the Pacific, Ford Foundation, ActionAid International, ESCAP and UNESCO.

It is a member/partner organisation in the Mekong Programme on Water Environment and Resilience (www.mpowernet.org), based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Its other websites include http://www.newsmekong.org, home to the outputs of the Imaging Our Mekong media fellowship programme.

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