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About This Website

ASEANnews.net is a venue for discussion of current news and issues around the Association of South-east Asian Nations (ASEAN), specifically those that touch on development and social issues related to its framework for regionalism and how it impacts on the daily lives of its constituency in South-east Asia.
This website aims to help create and encourage more space for reporting and analyses of development-related issues within ASEAN. This focus stems from the recognition that while ASEAN gets a lot of mention in the media, news coverage of it is heavily focused on following its summits, annual meetings and high-profile events. Many news reports relay what their officials say or do at ASEAN meetings, but far fewer investigate the impact of decisions or policies made at the state level or look at ASEAN regionalism, identity of sense or community.
This event-based definition of ASEAN-focused news often leaves little room for in-depth analysis and investigation of the role and impact of ASEAN’s brand of regional integration, at a time when the 2015 date of the ASEAN Community nears. It also means majority of articles tend to carry the voices and views of governments and state officials, rather than those from ASEAN’s constituency itself.
ASEANnews.net features articles written by South-east Asian journalists, analysts and experts. They offer readers a mix of voices and views around current issues and trends relevant to South-east Asia’s key regional grouping and the development of its peoples.
The main sections of this website are:

  • Features: articles done by journalists from ASEAN countries, including those that look into ASEAN regional issues, the ASEAN Community, and stories produced as part of different series touching on ASEAN issues. These include the current ‘Reporting ASEAN: 2015 and Beyond’ program of IPS Asia-Pacific with Probe Media Foundation Inc, as well as IPS Asia-Pacific’s earlier ‘Reporting Development in ASEAN’ series that gave birth to this site.
  • Views & Points: commentaries, insights and opinion from foreign policy experts, analysts, and selected editorials from Asian and South-east Asian media.
  • -ASEAN Roundup contains News Watch – interesting stories and articles from other media and sources that focus on relevant and interesting ASEAN-related issues; and Around the Region – views from civil society and other groups, campaign and advocacy material related to ASEAN’s issues and work, relevant press statements and other pieces.

This website is maintained by IPS Asia-Pacific, in partnership with Probe Media Foundation Inc. for the ‘Reporting ASEAN: 2015 and Beyond’ program. This program has core financial support from the Rockefeller Foundation.
The page was first set up as part of the ‘Reporting Development in ASEAN’ program of IPS Asia-Pacific with the support of the International Development Research Centre.

Editor: Johanna Son
For comments and information, please write:
ipsasiapacificdesk@me.com or reportingasean@gmail.com


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