ASEAN News: A Lot on Politics and Leaders, Too Little on Social Issues

BANGKOK, Jul 17 - Reportage of ASEAN by newspapers in the 10 ASEAN member countries is Establishment-oriented, has very little in-depth investigation, is mostly about politics and rarely touches on social and development issues, according to a content analysis study done by IPS Asia-Pacific on how the region’ more ...

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The ASEAN News Picture

Journalists often up chasing officials and ministers at ASEAN meetings, so it will take efforts, a change in news habits and a conscious effort to make the important interesting, to dig deeper into how ASEAN's work affects its constituency in the region, writes Johanna Son. more ...

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ASEAN’s Slow Pace Lauded

BANGKOK, Jul 20 (Bangkok Post) - ASEAN countries should maintain their macroeconomic policies including optimal government intervention as opposed to the rapid liberalisation practised in the West, says a Hong Kong monetary analyst. more ...

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