‘Reporting ASEAN’ To Tell Unexplored Stories – ASEAN, Rockefeller Foundations

BANGKOK, Dec 31 – Talk of the ASEAN Community that comes into place in 2015 may be very much in the air, but a concrete understanding of what it means – and how it will affect our lives – remains fertile, unexplored ground for digging out stories. This is why two organizations – the Rockefeller Foundation and the ASEAN Foundation – are supporting the media program ‘Reporting ASEAN: 2015 and Beyond’. Its main components include a media fellowship and reporting series and a media forum on reporting on ASEAN issues in March 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand. more ...

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ASEAN Community without ASEAN identity

BANGKOK, 19 Jan (The Nation) - The ASEAN Charter came into effect at the end of 2008, and now ASEAN leaders are talking about how to build a people-centered community to benefit all its 630 million residents. Their promise is being tested every single day as the deadline for the ASEAN Community (AC) approaches rapidly. more ...

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Uni students told to learn ASEAN affairs

BANGKOK, 18 Dec (Bangkok Post) - Thai students must brush up on their knowledge of ASEAN affairs ahead of economic integration next year, while Thai universities should work more closely with their regional neighbours, Thammasat University's rector said yesterday. more ...

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